My name is Joris Zandstra.

Born May 23, 2002 in Rotterdam.

Since my 2nd year I live in The Hague.


When, after obtaining my swimming diplomas, I was allowed to choose a sport, I chose Rugby. I was 7 years old at that time. Rugby is also played in our family and I thought it would be a fun sport. After visiting the Hague Rugby days at HRC I knew for sure, this was my sport!

From the first training at HRC I was enthusiastic, rugby is great, a day without a rugby ball in my hands was a day not lived! I have been playing at HRC since 2011.


After primary school I went to the VMBO at the Segbroek college in The Hague. This is a school for Talent development and opportunities.  Here I had the opportunity to register at the Rugby Academy South-West (RAZW).  Segbroek is a great school to study and having the possibilities to improve your talent, in my case my Rugby skills.


In the summer of 2018 the Rugby Academy was visited by Sale Sharks trainers at the Academy, they saw me train and play and showed interest in me.


After the summer we also received a visit from Northwood at the Rugby Academy, this is a Rugby Club from South Africa. I was also more than welcome at Northwood!


Because the offer from Northwood started January 2019 and I want to pass my exam in June 2019 first, I have chosen to develop my Rugby talent in England, to be eligible for a place at Sale Sharks I will first start training at Myerscough College in Preston UK.


In the Netherlands, Rugby is developing, if I want to do something with my talent, this is currently only possible abroad. That's why I take the opportunity to go to England, in September 2019 to start at Myerscough College.


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